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Bennett has been a member, and an active one, of SATW (Society of American Travel Writers) since 1986. She long ago recognized the need to travel with, and get to know, travel editors, writers, content providers, influencers, TV producers, radio hosts and travel bloggers.

Twice each year, she travels with as many as 400 print, broadcast and digital media journalists and travel professionals to places as remote as New Zealand, Ecuador, Thailand, Ireland, Canada, Barbados and 20+ other countries. 


Each trip offers multiple opportunities to build relationships with travel writers and learn about trends and new placement opportunities that have a powerful impact for Bennett & Company clients.

hotel public relations firm, hotel p.r. agency


A Partial List of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Clients:  (see separate lists of hotel and of restaurant clients)

  • 5 cruise lines

  • 4 theme parks*, including one of the world’s largest tourist attractions

  • 4 airlines

  • University of Florida Global Tourism Summit

  • Bombard Balloon Society

  • Worldwide Discovery Walks

  • Luxury travel advisors

  • Semester at Sea

  • spa resorts

  • convention and visitor bureaus

  • major international tour operators

  • large metropolitan museum complexes

  • city conference centers

  • water parks

  • aerial adventure parks

  • more



"Laura literally put us on the map” recalls Bernie Chabot, retired president of one of the largest cruise lines." She opened up new markets for us and continued for nearly 20 years as the line went though rebranding, acquisition and expansion."

Chabot was among the agency’s first clients and the cruise line remained a client for 20 years as it expanded globally with the purchase of new ships and additional brands. Chabot is certain that the next decade will be even more successful for the firm.“ Laura makes people remember her and want to work with her,” he says with a knowing smile.


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