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  • 2017 UF Global Tourism Summit, Walt Disney World

  • Grandparent's Day, Bennett was one of three responsible for establishing this day.

  • Guinness Book of World Records for Culinary Federation

  • Pope's 1987 arrival in United States

  • Superbowl XXXIV, 4 in-game commercials and on/offsite event (see commercials on video reel link to YouTube, above)

  • USGA Senior Golf Events

  • Dan Marino Events for Arvida Corporation

  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition ABC Television

Laura Phillips Bennett

Bennett & Company is the only PR firm to have produced a Super Bowl commercial and we produced not one but 4 commercials in a 90 day period.  


The result for the client?  The client gained $21 million worth of publicity and achieved all his goals and more.


Click on the video reel above to see more.


The result for us?  An experience of a lifetime.

Bennett & Company was the first public relations firm to produce an ad for the Super Bowl...and walked away with six national awards.

The client's end-result? More than $21 million in one-to-one ad value and a 400% increase in sales.

For its efforts, Bennett & Company added another first: they won an American Advertising Federation "ADDY" award.

Bob Allen, chief executive officer of the nationally renowned production company, recalls the challenge of creating the unique spots with both a very tight budget and time line.

"As long as you remain focused on the outcome and remain nimble you can achieve the kind of breakthrough results clients are looking for in the wild market condition we saw then, and see today," he says. And that, according to Allen, is what made the campaign so successful. "Doing that by itself is quite a feat, but doing it with great style, class and humor is what ultimately sets Bennett & Company apart and makes them a great teaming partner.

Sponsors of the 2017 UF Tourism Summit

From: Reid,Michael B 
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2017 10:30 AM
Subject: Thank you


Dear Laura,


The UF Tourism Summit was an outstanding event. The logistics were flawless and the venue was beautiful. Production quality of the day’s program was first-rate, optimizing the impact of Summit speakers and panelists. And the social activities clearly delighted our attendees, especially your chocolate cake and Mickey/Minnie photo op.  Dozens of people — speakers and faculty, sponsors and Board members — stopped me to express their surprise and delight at the quality of the event.


I credit you with the Summit's spectacular success. You negotiated every detail with Disney, directed the effort of Delainie and Jenna, and worked tirelessly to promote the event. Your sage advice helped us limit the cost and maximize the impact of every penny spent.  Perhaps most impressive was your patience. You coped with UF bureaucracy and the amateur efforts of Organizing Committee members with grace and good humor. 


For all this and more, please accept my sincere thanks.


Yours truly,


Michael B Reid, PhD

Dean & Professor

College of Health & Human Performance

University of Florida


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