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If you don't call back a

time-pressed journalist,

you simply will not get the story.


So, we live by the

"10-minute rule".


This applies to returning media calls or texts, and when appropriate the same rule applies to emails and social media responses.


This rule has fostered strong relationships with

journalists and influencers, who give high marks to the media - savvy professionalism of the

Bennett & Company team.

Bennett & Company's resources include an extraordinarily cohesive group of consummate and passionate professionals, from journalists and public affairs/media relations experts to technology wizards, production experts and advertising gurus. Individually, each brings expertise and experience to the mix. Combined, they are an enthusiastic, results-oriented team.

  • Strategy + Cohesive Plans

  • Public and Media Relations

  • Strategic meeting planning

  • Content Creation

  • Media + Advertising

  • Branding

  • E-Commerce

  • Community Relations

  • Partnerships

  • Crisis Management

  • Marketing Materials

  • Promotions & Publicity

  • Social Media Content 

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Special Events

  • Web Design and Management

  • Writing

STEP 1: 

 We start with you, your goals, your strengths and what keeps you up at night.


STEP 2:  

Then we build a plan and a budget. Sometimes we use all of the services at the left, sometimes just a few.  What matters is what works; and tie it all together.


STEP 3:   

Be accountable, focus on the details and repeat.

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