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From coast-to-coast to-coast, Bennett & Company provides clients with a depth of understanding about Florida, the Southeast region and key industries nationally. Headquartered in Orlando, the agency has  affiliates across the state and connections around the US and the globe. 

Utilizing our relationships with  media, influencers, business owners and elected officials  along with compelling writing and visuals we combine the tools of PR, marketing, advertising, events, digital and social media to achieve our client's goals.  Ultimately it is about results and whether our clients profit.

Rapid implementation, data and sales monitoring, a focus on results, teamwork and being flexible and smart are how we work; and it works for our clients. 


After more than 25 years, the agency thrives on being the one clients turn to for smart professionals who bring results with a focus on the client's goals, avoiding problems and impacting the bottom line.

Looking Forward


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How Marketing Impacts Sales - Both long and short term

Marketing is a discipline that is as much an art as it is a science. Campaigns must be carefully crafted, messages refined and target audiences identified. The channels through which these campaigns are delivered are equally as important and must be chosen with care.


Volumes have been written about the various marketing strategies ---  but what matters is: 

Did it work for the client?


We boil it all down to one flexible formula with these clear action steps:

  1. What are the client's wants and needs?

  2. Which values of the client and elements from other campaigns should be integrated?

  3. Which audience or consumer groups are important?

  4. What messages, stories, and images will resonate with these groups swiftly?

  5. How can we engage them across all available communication channels?

  6. What are the priorities, and how will we measure success?

  7. Subsequently, we will align the timeline and the budget for approval.

  8. It does not end there - frequent reviews and updates assure the plan is refined, over and over.

Looking Back -
Our Favorite

Bennett & Company is the only PR firm that "played" the Super Bowl

in reverse!   

With our partners at Disney, we strategized, wrote and produced a series of halftime commercials that made the media take notice and got the client exactly what he wanted.     The cost of the commercials including air time was less than $4 million, but the value of the publicity exceeded $21 million - and those are in dollars from the year 2000.


Take a look at the video reel tab, or go directly to the Ad Age archives. 

Have a question?  Give us a call  407-478-4040 to see if Bennett & Company suits what you need. 
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