• Laura Bennett

You Never Call or Write, said the previous customer

As a marketer, your holy grail is your list. Sometimes that list includes members of the media, influencers or customers; current or former.

Former customers should be high on that list, but it seems few marketers rarely reach out after the initial sale.

I often wonder if my grocery store would notice if I left. What would Amazon do if I stopped buying so regularly? You know the answers.

Former customers are warm leads, they have purchased from you before – they do not need much coaxing, just a current reason to come back.

  1. Up to 60% of former customers will open your email

  2. Click-thru rates to your website are far higher

  3. They will buy!

So the question is why are you not selling? Sometimes it could be as simple as you reaching out.

Everyone wants to be appreciated, tell them you care that they are your customer and you have products or services that you believe will be of interest to them right now.

Just do it! You will be glad you did.

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