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Who Are You? What Your Fact Sheet Says About You – or Not!


Both of these tasks assure I am letting the customer and the media know that we are on top of things and pay attention to details.

This year I will update this information at least four times, and maybe more. As we are almost half way through this year, let’s take a look at what we need to stay on top of and it all starts with our organization’s fact sheet.

Task #1 speaks for itself, but task #2 got a little trickier this year.

Everyone wants visual messages. Tell the story through images or charts – where possible link to video with audio. Engage. Enchant and Inspire! Got it – now let’s look at what it takes to do it.

Usually I Google a phrase that might give me inspiration on what smart marketers do. I like this because marketers in Thailand might do a better visual job and sometimes creativity might show up in Kansas or Sweden – however it comes I am always grateful for Google!

I tried searching for corporate fact sheets, oh my they looked lifeless in too many cases. So I thought ah-ha I will search for countries and how they present their fact, another disappointing find. Then I searched for hotels and found inspiration.

So in the spirit of sharing and hoping you too might be inspired here is my visual offering of “best” and “needs help” fact sheets:

Best example from the restaurant category – Bob Evans

fact sheet bob evans

Cheesecake Factory can do much better. Same industry, same opportunity for telling a story visually.

fact sheet ex of boring restaurant one

And here is a rather dreary presentation of facts from FPL and Duke:

fact sheet fpl
fact sheet good Alcoa

A worthy example of a very well done corporate fact sheet from Alcoa. If the goal is to capture attention, then all of us know which ones engage us and which ones could use some review and updating.

So take a few minutes and do a table top review of your materials – print them all out, everything your media contacts or a consumer might see about your corporate message – put them all on a big table and step back.

Is it time for updates? I have never done this that one piece did not stand out as overlooked and in need of updating words, images, contact names, dates … you’ll see what I mean.

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