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What is WOM? And How To Turn It Into WOW!

You’ve heard the terms ‘raving customers’ and ‘brand ambassadors” – who doesn’t want lots of those! We all do as this is the credibility factor that moves your

red lips

Think of the Nordstrom story about the customer that returned worn out tires – and how Nordstrom cheerfully paid out a refund, even though they do not sell tires. Or Zappos and how much the employees like interacting with the customers, even better how much they like their jobs!

It seems I am having this conversation about happiness and building loyalty with clients and colleagues often these days. Just last weekend I was invited to a focus group put on by my alma mater asking what football season ticket holders thought of the university’s booster program. Guess what the #1 complaint was? The organization kept asking for more support (read here: money) and yet never said thank you or showed any appreciation for the years of loyalty. In other words loyalty was feeling like a one way street.

So if you are asking yourself how to gain more loyalty then let’s talk about WOM.

The answer is nearly cost free and foolproof. Build your program around a technique that has been in existence as long as humankind – as a matter of fact kindness is one of the elements. Start and end with the customer. Simple as that, put their needs and wants first, care about their loyalty and you will find it is returned. Just like any relationship right?

Whether you market a car dealer, a dentist or a Fortune 500 company if you begin with the customer, everything else will follow.

kind words

Think back to the stories you have heard about “great” companies or interactions you have had and ask yourself if your loyalty began when you returned an item? I am betting it is what initiates this Word of Mouth conversation we all crave.

Let me leave you with this thought — It is when the customer is voiding a sale that you have the biggest opportunity to turn them into a “raving fan”.

Now there is one big WOW and the best way to launch your own WOM campaign, begin at the end and put in kindness and thankfulness too.

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