• Laura Bennett

What is a PSA? If you do know; read on. If you don’t; definitely read on

PSA stands for Public Service Announcement and they are about to be back in a big way. All of us want to be smart and informed consumers, and corporations want to engages us, connect with us, and sell to us! If a multi-platform campaign gives us an education and reasons to buy a product; all the better for everyone. The selection of messages “in the public service” is 100% the responsibility of the leadership and the PR team of any organization. Some smart pros couple that with a budget and a supportive ad and social media campaign, just like L’Oreal is doing in a well -timed campaign to kick off for summer 2014.

Yes it is OK to tie your brand message to a public service message. Add a compelling story and you have the perfect marketing cocktail.

Public service

The story at L’Oreal is a personal one; their VP of Communications was diagnosed with melanoma when a mole examination turned out to be melanoma, aka skin cancer.

Her research showed that melanoma is the #3 and rising cause of death from cancer – and from here a smart and compelling marketing campaign was born.

Promoting a L’Oreal product that included sun screen was a perfect tie in too. They decided to base their campaign on educating women, especially young women, about the benefits of protecting their skin. The campaign is called “It’s THAT Worth It” and features not only actress Eva Longoria but the L’Oreal executive as well. Smart, credible, personal.

Here are the tie-ins that cross platforms, demographics and will get this L’Oreal public service message out in a big-big way:

– PR, advertising, crowdsourcing, merchandising, events, social media all come together

– Twitter hashtag #itsthatworthit

– Celebrity endorsement, Eva Longoria

– Outreach to Hispanic community too with Longoria as a Latina spokeswoman

– Diane Keaton to reach an older demographic and Lea Michele are also involved in the campaign

– Credible story, L’Oreal executive with melanoma (now in remission thankfully)

– Tie in with nonprofit Melanoma Research Alliance

– Selection of May 20 as kick off day (great summer timing)

– Initial large donation to the Melanoma Research Alliance, with an event

– Ongoing donations to the Alliance for each product purchase or crowdsourcing sign up

The primary goal is to educate consumers that protecting your skin is seriously important. The L’Oreal sales will be small, and possibly grow, but the image enhancement is brilliant.

It starts with a story, has a very real core message and yes it is a public service.

Congratulations L’Oreal team – and to my readers watch out PSA’s are about to be a big part of your lives too!


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