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What Happens When Your News Lands On A Newspaper’s Front Page? Great Things!

PR leading the band Nov 2015
If your news is in the upper right hand location of a print page, you are in the best possible place for readership. Anywhere on the front page, above the fold is your second best location.  Why?  Most of us are right handed and we tend to look at that location at least once when we scan the page for articles of interest, and then once more as we move to turn the page – it’s all about placement and getting noticed.

Very often, when your news lands on the front page, it is sent out on the newspaper.s syndicate wire so other newspapers in their system can pull stories of interest.  A front page article absolutely puts your news in other markets and at the top of search engines for a long time to come.

Naples Bay Resort Announces Agreement With Chef Art Smith F Oct 30 2015

Case study – today I was happy to see one of my news announcements for a client made the upper right hand corner of the FRONT PAGE of the daily newspaper.  Wow that made my day because I knew what it meant going forward …. but I needed to explain to my client why a positive piece on the front page of his local paper should matter to him too.

Not only is the front page, and the upper right of the front page a big deal, but the fact that you can’t buy an ad on most front pages gives it even more value – more readers will read your story. Did you know?  Editorial material gets 500% more readership than material that is obviously advertising? Public relations is one of the most valuable tools any organization can have – it’s all about communication and the more people you reach the better your communication.
PR is money

It is a great day here for my agency and my client, thank you for letting me share the reason for my “PR Joy!”.

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