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As we enter the mid-point of 2012 – I am checking in to see how these predictions are holding up … looking very good so far. #4 Journalists Will Rise in Importance gets more important with every article I read about newspapers cutting back to printing just a few days a week. Not to mention our Presidential election coming up and the need for unbiased reporting.

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#1 – That’s Easy – a slogan popularized by Staples serves as a mantra for today’s consumer.  “Make it easy on me and I will respond.”  Think food trucks that come to neighborhoods, bank deposits scanned and deposited with a smart phone, voice activation and high tech jewelry that monitors our fitness levels thus compelling us to do.

#2 – It’s all about location – and that doesn’t just mean real estate any more.  Value in local-everything will grow.  Don’t be surprised when farmers start building brands with “know your food, know your local farmer” campaigns. 

#3 – The story sells – whether you are an NBA team or a contestant on the X-Factor, the story is what connects to the audience. 

#4 – Journalists will risein importance – with so much content available, the source of that news will grow in importance in 2012.  We…

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