• Laura Bennett

Unlike Football Players – PR Pros play offense and defense

As I listen to football coaches give pre and post-game interviews it is clear they could really be talking about the very serious game of public relations.

Imagine this likely statement from a football coach: “Our goal is to be strong on defense and strategic on offense,” the coach would say. “We have been watching our competition and know they are good but we have put a lot of work and heart into this and believe in the strength and dedication of our team.”

Can you hear a PR pro saying all the same things? Sure can!

No matter how you define winning – we are all in this for the same reasons; to be on top of our game for our employers, our clients, our co-workers – the whole team.

Most of us would rather be on offense. Or special teams, in some cases. In those cases we have time to analyze, strategize and practice how to move the ball down field.

When we are on defense it’s all about gut instinct. The other guy has the ball, but we have experience and toughness on our side.

Playing both sides is what PR pros do every day. We write the news and the web content; then have to defend/respond to those words when the phone rings and a reporter or investor is on the other end. We produce the events and then have to make adjustments as the attendance numbers change. We tackle both ends of business every day.

I love football (can you tell we are University of Florida Gator fans?) and I love my career in PR and marketing even more – maybe someday there will be a Superbowl for PR pros – but then again we’d have to manage and promote the event too!

We could have cheers, thousands of fans, maybe our own songs, team colors — sounds like a fun strategy we should consider!

#PRislikefootball #winningforclients

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