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The Last Time This Happened It Was 1890

In 1890 the share of foreign-born residents of the USA was at an all-time high of 14.8% – and most of us have ancestors who were part of that i

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In 2025, our nation is predicted to set a new record for our foreign-born population and it will continue until 2060 when it is projected that 78 million people who were born outside the USA will make up 18.8% of the US population, according to the US Census Bureau population projections.

As marketers our job is to know our customers, and that means those in the next decade as well as the customers right in front of us today.

While Asian and Hispanic immigrants are projected to continue to be the main sources of U.S. immigrant population growth, the new projections show other groups are on the increase too.

Foreign-born shares among whites and blacks are expected to rise. Today, 8.9% of those who identify as black were born in another country, but that number is projected to almost double – to 16.5% – by 2060. Among whites, 4.1% are foreign-born today, but that share is projected to double to 8.1% in 2060.

The U.S. today has more immigrants than any other nation.

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This is the first time in 14 years the Census Bureau has made projections of the foreign-born population. Predicting future immigration and birth trends is a tricky process, and the bureau has substantially changed its projections from year to year in light of reduced immigration and birth rates.

Thank you to Pew Research and the US Census Bureau for providing one more way we can excel as marketers in the years, and decades, ahead.

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