• Laura Bennett

The ground has shifted.

Just minutes ago our new President said “… the ground has shifted”. I felt it too. Few things are as powerful as seeing the throngs of people who braved the cold and more to be on the Mall in Washington D.C. How proud it makes me to be an American and have our first proof that indeed things are changing, shifting to a new mind set.

Important people in my life, who did not vote for President Obama are willing to listen and see. Yesterday one of them saw the photo of the President as he painted while doing volunteer service – she said “I think I might like this new President”. That voice was but one of many I am hearing these days.

Another great line from his inaugural speech was “when imagination joins common purpose…” so powerful.

My sense is that community service, good deeds, helping one another out and having patience with what’s to come might just be the new order of things. Instead of whining and complaining our populous may pitch in and be the difference. I surely hope so.

As a member of two massive Habitat for Humanity builds, I can tell you there is no finer feeling than putting your heart, soul, time and money into helping someone in need. Here at Bennett & Company giving back to our community is a part of every person’s job and is fully supported by the agency. So many others do this at their companies too and today I felt the ground shift toward much more of what makes America so beautiful.

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