• Laura Bennett

The grass is still growing here

Have you noticed too? I live in a comfortable neighborhood where on a daily basis our front door would have a cornucopia of flyers from painters, cleaning companies, pest control services, pool guys and yes landscaping companies. Just before Thanksgiving they stopped. I continue to open the front door expecting to see flyers; there are none.

What happened? Our grass is still growing here in Florida yet no one is soliciting us to take over our lawn service needs. Wouldn’t this be a good time to get my attention, especially if you have a lower price or a better service option?

It’s too quiet out there and as a marketer I’m recommending that now is the very best time to reach out for new business. I’ll keep checking our front door, our driveway and our mailbox for flyers, sure hope they are there – I think I can hear the grass grow!

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