• Laura Bennett

The Dream Scenario for a Marketer

A look into corporate America finds a an expanding focus on marketing and its many iterations; advertising, branding, public relations, communications, social media and the list goes on and on. To have so many marketing minds together is a wonderful thing – when it works.

So often I have clients ask me to “just do the publicity for xxx” or “we need one ad” or “we have a special event next month and need people to come …”. It led me to write this piece about what would be a dream scenario for the next new business call.

The smart forward-thinking person on the other end might say:

– Hello, I am calling to ask you to join a team to make a big difference for my company

– My company thinks as a unit, toward a common goal

– We want to tie actions to words and do it with a clear plan

– Everything will be accountable with expectations discussed at the front end

.. OK at this point I am in marketing heaven

In this dream scenario the team assembled would have some players you might not expect.

I believe an architect and interior designer should be part of a dynamic change – yes you are a product of your environment. Move a wall, change a paint color, expand the break room and wa-la you are bringing new life into an organization. Architects and designers think on another plain and are a welcome addition to my dream team.

Human resources should be at the table to discuss how shifting hiring, policies and yes firing can mold the environment and let’s discuss compensation for success too. Even if the compensation is small when it comes with recognition the engines begin firing on all cylinders. Human resource professionals are rarely part of the marketing mix, but could add so much.

A food consultant would be here too – few things are as powerful as food and having a discussion about the role of food in the corporate environment could stimulate new possibilities. Did you know Facebook has a snack area on every floor? And it’s free? What better way to keep the energy high and creative juices flowing?

What I know for sure is that the environment inside an organization and the everyday running of a company are clearly reflected in the end product and impact profitability too.

You know what they say – you have to visualize to realize.

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