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Tell Me Whhhhyyy Oh Why … 5 Paths To a Boomer Consumer’s Heart

Tell me Why

In the words of John Lennon’s Tell Me Why song:

Well I gave you everything I had But you left me sitting on my own Did you have to treat me oh so bad All I do is hang my head and moan

And because Boomers will be going strong as consumers for the next 10+ years, here are 5 ways to win us over, get us to spend money with your organization and capture our loyalty:

1. Tell me why something is a good product or service. I call this “talking to the consumer, not at the consumer”. Boomers want the facts, the more the better. Knowledge supports our purchases. o Great Example: Travel websites that present unstaged photos from recent guests, reviews from real people and insights into what to ask for at the front desk or which seats are best on an aircraft.

2. Does this purchase help something or someone? If so there is one more reason to care about your product or service. o Great Examples: Target who gives a percentage of what is spent in a community, back to that community and BP who puts solar panels on the roof of their gas stations.

3. Is there additional value here? Can this product take the place of two others maybe or is this product a better version of a competitor? o Great Examples: Warby Parker glasses. Not only is this web-based glasses provider fun to deal with, but when a consumer buys a pair of eye glasses, another one is donated. Other companies do this like Tom’s Shoes who donates a second pair of shoes to a needy and deserving child.

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5. Images matter. Do not under any circumstances use words that speak to Boomers and photos that look like 20-somethings. We are proud to be this age and will identify with images that look like us, even if they are the beautified versions.

o Great Examples: Car dealers that show luxury cars with amenities Boomers ask for and then it is being driven by a young business man. When was the last time you saw a 55 year old woman behind the steering wheel in a car commercial?

After all it was the Beatles that came out with Tell Me Why in 1964 (ironically the last year of Baby Boomer births) and recently 22 year old Taylor Swift came out with her own song called Tell Me Why.

Each of these examples could work for other age groups too – after all we just want to believe we are good people, making intelligent decisions and that the seller cares just a little bit about who we are and what we need. Not too much to ask.

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