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TED Talks to YOU through these 5 Favorites for PR and Marketing Professionals

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We all need a little inspiration from time to time and on days where I’m feeling stuck and need to come up with the next “great” idea I will often turn to TED Talks to help me break through marketing mental blocks.

TED stands for Technology, Education and Design.  TED is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to sharing ideas and inspire through the use of short talks.

Here are five TED Talks that will truly change the way you think about marketing, give you a fresh perspective and perhaps even get you thinking about marketing a bit differently.

TIP from BENNETT ABOUT MARKETING:  Go to http://www.Ted.com and put the word ‘marketing’ into the search engine in the upper right hand corner, wow – you will be hooked on what is available to keep you smart and inspired.  
  1. Morgan Spurlock – The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold Recorded in 2011 this TED Talk still rings true with misconceptions and even confusion when it comes to brand marketing. Morgan Spurlock wrote a documentary called The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and exposed the ways that popular media is almost solely sponsored, leased, bought, owned and branded by powerful corporations.  In his very humorous 19 minute TED Talk Morgan Spurlock dives into the influential world of brand marketing and how he furthered his experiment using “pure transparency.”

  2. Sheena Iyengar – How to Make Choosing Easier As consumers we want we want experiences and products that are customized.  Every day we are bombarded with choice overloaded.  Sheena Iyengar, a psycho-economist brings a different perspective to the table in this TED Talk.  She shares insight on how when we as consumers or even marketers are presented with too many choices, we tend not to choose anything at all.  Can you be overloading your consumers?  Her four simple techniques to managing choices are refreshing and can be used to help your consumers choose what you are offering.

  3. Derek Sivers – How to Start a Movement I’ve always been a fan of Derek Sivers, especially after reading his story about the development and evolution of  CD Baby.  In his TED Talk Derek keeps it simple, give him 3 minutes and he’ll show you how to start a movement and get your audience to take action.   His key point – have the courage to follow and show others how to follow and when you find that lone nut doing something great, don’t be afraid, but have the guts to be the first to stand up and join in with him.   Derek Sivers, truly a man with great marketing inspiration.

  4. Matt Cutts – Try Something New for 30 Days As marketers when we hear of Matt Cutts we immediately think Google, since he is one of the most known engineers there. He is a powerful mind behind one of the largest brands, but he is also a man that inspires us to try something new.  Doing so may just help you set and achieve your goals, after all it did him.   What are you waiting for? Perhaps this is the first day to trying something new with your marketing for the next 30 days.  After all, we can all do anything for 30 days, right?

  5. Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action This list would not be complete without adding Simon Sinek to this list. He’s the man that challenges us as leaders to ask the question- why?    By asking this question we can often get to the core of what it is that we want to accomplish whether that be in our marketing, personally or even as a game changer in  the organizations that we work in.  He shows you how to get to the answer using a golden circle and explaining that everything has to be solidified in a why, the how and what comes after.

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Thank you to Laura Lake, the marketing expert on About.com for this article and great advice.  I am a fan of Laura’s and highly recommend she be one of your go-to resources.  www.Marketing.about.com

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