• Laura Bennett

Surprise Surprise – An Effective Way to Capture Attention

Some of us love surprises, the good kind. Some of us don’t. But the one thing we all understand is that a surprise gets our attention.

Isn’t that what marketing is all about? Getting the attention of our audience, and then making something happen?

Lately I’ve been keenly aware of some very creative ways my attention has been captured; here are a few.

While putting my shoes in the TSA screening bins at the airport – there was an ad for Zappos the huge online shoe seller! They could have been more creative with the copy and the images, but nevertheless I remember their creative placement. So did the guy behind me because we both laughed as we dropped our belongings in the bin and realized the irony.

As I put my electronic card key in the hotel room door – the local pizza place was asking “Hungry? You could have a fresh hot pizza by the time you finish unpacking”. Now that got my attention, and the pizza was great too.

Speaking of restaurants – while searching online for restaurants to try in Manhattan, one site offered me options to sort by location, cuisine, reviews, price and more – then this site offered me an app for my phone to show me all the other things I could experience in that area and directions on how to get to the restaurant too. Nice and easy, intuitive too.

These are often referred to as Touch Points – where does your brand intersect with the customer?

If you have seen great examples of how others are reaching their customers, let me know, and thanks so much.

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