• Laura Bennett

Smiley Faces – an icon for our times

We’re all feeling the gloom, some personally through home or job loss, most of us are feeling it in hundreds of little ways from increased concerns about the potential loss of our own homes or jobs; to the daily drive by empty store fronts and concerns about those who lost their livelihood when these stores closed.

Yet there really is hope in this “Great Recession” – I’m seeing a shout out for the good stuff – are you? Recent talk at our office was about last week’s reality show winners and how they exemplified “people next door” and how we are seeing more balance in the news and the Internet between good news and bad.

Our clients too have moved beyond the “what we don’t want to say” messaging to the “let’s focus on this good thing” mentality; and it’s working well with sales inching up every week.

I have a prediction – this summer of 2009 will be a quiet period of regrouping, stablizing and mapping out what’s next. This September will be a dynamic time with new ideas, innovation and creativity making the headlines.

In May car dealers are closing, by September there will be a new model of dealer coming out alongside the 2010 model cars … In May we are seeing a prediction of less far away summer vacations, by September we will hear talk of how families spent meaningful time together in June, July and August near home, but are planning trips to fun new destinations for the holidays or 2010. … In May we are still holding our breath with worry of what might be coming next, in September the exhale will begin.

Today’s New York Times (yes I am a big fan) has a large graphic of a yellow smiley face with the headline: Back by Popular Demand.


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