• Laura Bennett

Saturday Is Becoming The New Friday or has it already?

It was a first for him. Jack had never worked from home, or even logged in remotely. For years he had enjoyed being at his office with his coworkers and was one of those guys who said “I work at work!” He was almost always the first guy in the office on Monday mornings and put in a full week. Weekends were for family and personal tasks.

That was before the knee operation.

Now that he is gong to rehab, he only goes into his corporate office for a couple of hours each day and is finding he gets more done! His team is happy, his sales are up and Jack has time to do the things he thought he’d have to wait for retirement to do. And, he is flabbergasted at the discovery.

Yes, he’d seen the stories about executives sitting on a beach with a laptop, and heard the conversations about the best seller describing 4 hour work weeks – but Jack never thought that he’d be one of those guys engaging in this new way (at least for him) of doing business.

In retrospect, why didn’t Jack see this possibility? Actually why don’t more of us see it?

We’re checking emails nearly every waking hour right? Saturdays are becoming the new Friday and holidays aren’t off limits these days either.

No doubt our world is changing rapidly. But when did all this really become possible? To have nearly total flexibility? To be connected but not confined? For Jack that day has come and he is finding a real paradigm shift.

We live in a world where 9 to 5, Monday through Friday doesn’t fit the workplace anymore, yet our mandated work hours still roughly fit in that category. Bosses who once said they couldn’t manage an “at large” workforce are now saying “yes”, and some like Jack are discovering this flexible option out of necessity. And he may never go back to the old system.

We live in a world where creative options bring winning solutions – and for some, like Jack, the possibilities are endless.

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