• Laura Bennett

Santacon Bunnycon and Piratecon – We just want to have fun!

Santacon in New York City 2012

Santacon in New York City 2012


Since it is the holidays I want to share with you one hunch that took off – and whoever came up with it – you should count this as a big success!

According to Wikipedia – In 1974, the Danish activist theatre group Solvognen first brought a small army of Santa Clauses onto the streets of Copenhagen. In 1978, the first “Santa Rampage” was held in Austin.

My first experience with Santacon was last weekend in New York City .. my husband and I stepped out of our Times Square hotel and could not believe our eyes … there were 1000’s upon 1000s of young adults dressed in Santa gear or elf costumes roaming everywhere and I mean everywhere. It was so cool!

The doorman tells us that this is just an event that grew through social media, it is free, fun and gets bigger and bigger. There is a “secret” Santa who leads the masses via a website that tweets his whereabouts.

Take a look at http://www.Santacon.info – apparently there is also a bunnycon and a piratecon – hmmm, just think of the possibilities in your area!

So let’s all follow those hunches and realize that you may be starting a worldwide trend where people just have fun and the restaurant business does too!


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