• Laura Bennett

People Buy From You Because of Who You Are

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He told the group no one would buy anything from him if they didn’t believe in his company. And if they did believe in his company – they might buy anything.

At a conference just last week a woman whose title was “Chief of Happiness” stood before a group there to learn about Social Media and said we were all starting on the wrong end – it wasn’t about where we communicated with our customers, it was the feeling in what we said. Again the room went silent as her words sunk in. All the conversation in the days before about key words, SEO, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pintrest etc etc. really came down to that sixth sense of getting a message between the words.

She asked – Why should we love a company’s product if the person telling us about it does not? How important is happiness at your organization?

One of the more popular talks on Ted (www.Ted.com if you are not yet hooked) is from Simon Sinek who talks about customers buying because they believe in the company and WHY you exist, not a specific product. His example: Apple. We all know they are about innovation and testing the status quo. Because we see and feel their vision, we clamor to buy an assortment of their products – music, data, computers, TV’s and products yet invented.

FOOTNOTE: The man with the integrity at the top of this blog was Indian businessman Ratan Tata – whose Mumbai-based conglomerate The Tata Group owns the Jaguar car brand among many other. The woman in charge of happiness was from Zappos – the company uses a loyalty business model based on relationship marketing (think about that!).

Lesson here for us – start at your core. Why are you in business – even more specifically why do you get out of bed every day to do the work you do? With that answer your focus, pathway and messaging will be crystal clear. It is my hope that you will find joy in getting out of bed each and every day.

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