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Outlook 2021 – #1 in a series for Realtors, Commercial Brokers and Delivery Services

A crisis can be clarifying – be the leader.

What a customer is thinking when they see this sign: And? What are you offering me if you are closed? Delivery? Good health or thanks? Tell me what’s next – do not waste this opportunity to communicate!

Does it seem like too much of corporate America is just stuck? Still telling us they are trying and how hard it is for them?

I keep waiting for some company to grab this opportunity by the throat and take advantage of the huge opportunities right in front of them.

During this quarantine and all that this virus has brought with it – marketers have a first-row seat to guide clients and their organization on how to flip this whole narrative on its back and taking over as a leader of what is to come.

Like what for instance? Here are three quick ideas for 3 industries… more to come in future blogs.

Realtors – the paradigm has shifted, again. With full-time in-home living and time to analyze and talk about future needs… here are some conclusions buyers are coming to:

  1. Families are looking for new homes that have features previously considered to be for retirees. As one parent of 3 elementary school children told me “if we have learned one thing during this quarantine our retirement is going to look a lot like this, minus the kids. Our dream house is starting to look like our yesterday home. We are thinking of a whole new way of living, and that to us means a house we can grow old in.”

  2. Professionals are realizing work from home is absolutely their future, and the 9 to 5/Monday through Friday schedule will be gone too. That means that offices in quiet sections of the home, with doors and a view of the outdoors will be high priorities. In this case, the office priority might change the open concept mantra, and mean a bigger home.

  3. Deliveries will mean adaptations and structural changes too. Secure delivery areas, maybe even a refrigeration delivery area. That means technology for notifications and security rise up in the features of the next home for many buyers.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – you have been selling the same thing with a similar message for decades. Location and square feet are just not going to be enough anymore. You need to sell innovation and trust – why should I go to an office or a brick and mortar store when I do not need to? The shopping experience was gone long before this pandemic and offices have simply not kept up with what the worker wants.

Change your story now. Tell me why I should want to come to your location- have you updated the air systems to improve air quality? Have you made it easier or better for me to come to work or shop? How are you showing me you care if I am here? For too many years I would have been glad if someone acknowledged I was even in their store – yes this customer matters more than repositioning that mannequin.

Do you know in Asia businessmen want to have offices near their children’s school and near medical facilities – families matter. What is your location near? Where is their beauty and nature? How is your wi-fi and where are places to eat?

Delivery services – right now you are the most impersonal, personal service possible. No personalization of what we are ordering or when. From your website to the person who drops off the goods and hauls back to their delivery van – there is a different person every time. No communication. You are all looking the same, and more of a necessity than a choice.

Do you want us to keep using your services? Then build a connection! Even a note of thanks in with the delivery, a small sample of something new you sell and some form of uniformity with your drivers and delivery people so you have brand recognition.

There are much bigger ideas, but these are easy to implement, practically free and the window of opportunity for you is closing.

Big flashing light – use this time to think ahead and use what has been presented. All consumers want the same thing – to think it mattered that they chose your services, chose you as their Realtor or worked/shopped in your location.

The opportunities are here, they are big, they are a pivot to a new mind set. You are ready for this – you can be the leader instead of a loser.

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