• Laura Bennett

Odd how a plane crash can make us all feel good

Possibly we are all looking for something/anything to validate that it is OK to feel good.

Oddly, the plane crash in the Hudson River yesterday came just before our next feel good opportunity of the inaugural of our new president. I don’t know about you but I feel great today and there is an air of “things are good” here in our offices too.

This story was not just about a plane crash, but instead about heroes and a plane full of passengers who were grateful, even happy when rescued. What a sight to see once again the New York community coming out in full force to help others in need.

Having represented several airlines over the years I have been through many crisis training drills and was even in charge of the communications on several much less dramatic times of need. There is little that prepares you for a crash landing, it is all gut and apparently the pilot and crew had it! Thanks to each of them for making this a story we can all be proud of.

In the days ahead this story will unfold and it is nothing but good for US Air, the airline industry, New Yorkers and all of us – good people are everywhere, so are good companies.

Maybe it will be enough to get us all tuned back into the broadcast and print news, at least for awhile.

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