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Now That’s A Novel Idea! Answer Your Customer’s Questions!

The art of conversation can still exist in this digital age, but often it is lacking. And the result is a lack of brand understanding, lessened brand loyalty and ultimately fewer sales.

Recently I read about a small businessman who was getting big leads all because he responded to questions through his website.

The other very smart thing he did was tell people the good things his competitors did too. Really?

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“I started thinking about the way I use the Internet and how often I am searching for an answer,” said the owner of a pool business in Virginia who was highlighted in a New York Times article earlier this year. “So I realized if I was willing to answer questions people have about pools, I might have a chance to gain them as customers.”

Here’s how this could work for you:

1. Provide a forum on your website for people to ask questions, any question. Then dedicate time at least twice a week to answer the questions fully. This pool owner did and that is how new customer relationships began.

After all don’t you want to buy from someone who has the answers?

2. Put content on your site that presents the question and several forms of the answer and let Google’s search engines find you when people are asking questions. This is also easy to track through visitor counts on your own site.

3. Start a blog, tie it to your site. Use the questions coming in, and give great answers that are fully explained, honest and position you as the expert you are – this is your blog and re-purposes the very questions and answers that are becoming your big sales engine.

4. By learning the questions you become a better marketer, sales person, business owner. You will have fresh information about what is really on the minds of consumers looking for your product. Just keep in mind the top 3 questions you are asked using this method and then build your own sales pitch around the answers.

5. List and mention your competitors. Why on earth would you do this? Back to that wonderful Google search. Even if a customer was Googling one of your competitors, guess what other website would come up? Yours. Pure genius I say – but not easy to convince others to do. You might even create an annual list of top questions, oh yes that is another blog!

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It’s old fashioned communication and it’s definitely what we all need more of!

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