• Laura Bennett

Naming Your Business – Not as easy as you might think

Thinking of starting a new business venture – either full time or part-time? Start with the fun part, the name … but do so with caution, read on.

Let’s start with the thing to consider first – can you get a website address for the name or names you are considering? Only search for .com as it will cause you headaches if you go for the others like .co or .net. Hyphens, funny spellings, made up words all mean you’ll need to explain and hopefully business will be so good you won’t have time!

That certainly narrowed the field didn’t it?

Naming a product or company really is a big deal, not unlike naming a child. It matters and it will be with you for a long time.

Here is a quick checklist of what to consider:

 Is it legal? Do a name search – you don’t want to have to change later

 Say it out loud, like you might be answering a phone – how does that feel?

 Try out the new name on at least 10 diverse strangers, not friends who have been through this with you … then ask if they can guess what the product or company is?

 If someone heard this name on the radio would it need to be spelled? Go for simple

 Would your grandmother approve? Your audience is from all walks of life

 Look it up in the Yellow Pages – amazing how many times this has avoided future problems

 Try to think down the road and be sure this name won’t hold you back from growth

 Put it in Google and see what comes up – it might mean something in another language

 Try out the name in a logo design – some words just don’t look right on paper or a website

 Sleep on it for a couple of nights – what seems perfect on Friday might not on Tuesday

I know executives who have purchased their own name so others can’t and organizations who bought up any version of their name that could be used in pornography with xxx. While you are in this name mode, very possibly we should start purchasing URL’s for our own names and for our children. After all a name is forever.

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