• Laura Bennett

Marketing is like Jell-O

Marketing is indeed like Jell-O … – It comes in a zillion flavors – It’s somewhere between a liquid and a solid – Everyone thinks they can do it – Even has a creative name

Not long ago my husband and I were watching the Celebrity Apprentice. This is a great show to watch if you are a marketer. Kind of like a Master Chef watching shows on the Food Channel – sometimes what looks easy can really turn into a mess if you don’t know what you are doing.

Kind of like marketing.

Back to the comparison with the Celebrity Apprentice: Think about it, every task The Donald gives the teams is meant to showcase a sponsor. Smart move by him on several levels. But what do those sponsors care about? Sales!

And what drives sales? Marketing!

The task on the show each week is usually event-oriented which works well for TV and almost always the losing team missed the mark and that creates drama. Also great for the TV storyline. On this episode, one team designed a print ad and they forgot the contact information, the week before the losing team hosted a branding event and forgot to showcase the brand. The non-marketers in the viewing audience were moaning “how could you miss that?” We marketers were thinking “not as easy as it looks!”

I’ll keep watching the Celebrity Apprentice because it makes me feel good – even some of the most successful athletes, comedians, actors, models and moguls can fail if they don’t have the whole package. That’s what marketing really is – a blend of ingredients that produce a satisfying final product. Miss one step and you fail. Put them all together, with a little whip cream and tah dah you have Jell-O. So simple.

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