• Laura Bennett

Marketing is a Playground

A lawyer friend of mine recently said he is spending more time counseling his clients to take care of their health, and let him take care of their worries. He said from where he sits many things are fixable with planning, but enjoying life needs to be in the mix too.

Maybe that is why the recent article about a senior playground really caught my eye – a real “ah-ha” marketing moment. Why not a playground for seniors? Funded by the Westminster City Council, there is now a playground for seniors in London’s Hyde Park. Long known for being the location for a Speakers’ Corner which dates back centuries, this is an appropriate place for new ideas. The concept of a place for “older” people to go and play on low impact fitness machines and stay active is really a model for intelligent thinking.

So what other ideas should be turned upside down to create new solutions? After all isn’t that the essence of marketing – seeing solutions in a new light? Making a difference to the consumer?

I’ll be spending time finding examples of innovative ideas like this one and sharing them with you in a future column.

Am also on the hunt for blogs and journalists who are bringing a fresh new perspective on this world we live in. All suggestions from my readers is welcome and encouraged!

Look for my top 10 lists later in the year. Until then let’s all do more playing and less worrying – it just might be the solution to these stressful times.

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