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Marketing Between Hair Appointments – coaching from the salon chair

Her current solution was a misspelled and not very enthusiastic note taped to her mirror; black type on white paper and one strip of scotch tape. Aaargh. I asked her if that was how she wanted people to feel about her services? It screamed a lack of attention and boring, neither of which she is! She responded that she had told the young receptionist that she needed a sign and this is what she got.

Really? This woman is smart, professional and has quite a list of clientele. Why would she be so stymied by communicating with existing customers? I have no idea why, but I can tell you WHAT she needs to do. My goal is to show her how enjoyable marketing can be and gives her one more way to connect with her customers.

First she needed to decide what she wanted to achieve. What is your end goal I asked my hairdresser … she said more business and to give my clients a price break once or twice a year.

Did she want new customers too? Not necessarily she told me, but she was hoping for referrals. OK now we had the mission.

Did she have the email addresses or mobile phone numbers of all her clients? Not really she said; only if they give it to me. I knew she only had my office number so this answer seemed correct.

So how was she going to get those I asked? She didn’t know. My suggestion was a simple notebook at her station with a cover that might say: “Tell me how to send you news about my latest discounts and promotions” And while her customers were in the chair, ask them to fill in the information. And if they wanted to add friends, daughters, co-workers etc. that would be fine too. Wow she said, so simple and cheap too.

I asked her what she wanted to tell her customers. Her response was that the last salon she worked at did promotions 2 or 4 times a year and she would like to do the same, when she was traditionally slow. Great I said, let’s pick those dates and you can set up a Facebook page for your services and put those specials in right now! This is about a 10 minute process and she promised to do it that evening.

We went on to discuss the best way to link emails, texts, YouTube and Facebook together and why the time is worth the effort.

And yes, when I got back to my office I redid a sign for her mirror and dropped it off for her the next day. After all she had skills I needed and I had skills that could benefit her too.

I can’t wait to hear how all this goes for her, but for that I’ll have to wait 6 weeks for my next hair appointment. A lot can happen for a business in just 6 weeks – but you have to do something!

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