• Laura Bennett

Marketers! Know Your Market

Today I was asked by a MAJOR information web site for a bit more information before they’d put me on a weekly newsletter list. Since I was seeking marketing news it seemed fair. After all information is our most useful tool, so I obliged and put in my birth date of 1953.

Are you kidding!!! I immediately got a page with the following “offers” – Wheelchairs – Incontinence items – The Scooter Store – Diabetes products – AARP

Now really, it’s not that I’m not proud of my age. I’m 57 and one happy camper too. And it’s not unreasonable to think someone 57 years old might be interested in these items, especially if they are caring for an aging parent. But to present me solely with these “offers” and none for any other items seems, well like they missed the marketing boat!

I’m a Boomer – that opens the door to much more than health related products. How about any airline, Harley-Davidson, Whole Foods, Chico’s, the Harvard Business Review and a whole lot more.

Boomers are approximately 80 million strong, still dominate the spending engine and have many more years of the same.

Aging is an interesting topic and one you should expect will be front and center in media, but let’s hope it is more balanced and more effective than my experience today.

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