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KIND OF LIKE KUMBAYA: 1- 2- 3 Easy Marketing Tips to Quick Start your business and impact your sales

Important note: The ideas here are take a commitment of time and focus but are very low cost. They are meant to help you be proactive when business is slow and lay the groundwork for future new business efforts when things get going too.

Marketing Tip #1 – The “GET Business” Card Your business card should SELL not just give out the contact criteria. If I said I own Bennett & Company you would not have a clue what I did. But if I said I own Bennett & Company Marketing you’d know more. Now if I hand you a business card with a list of our services and why you need them I have come much closer to a SALE. So take a look at your business card and others you have been handed and see which ones are “Get Business” cards and therefore worth much more to your business.

Consider enlarging the size of your card, using the back area or even a fold over card. All three if you have much you want to say. Very few people use Rolodex systems anymore so feel free to go beyond the size of traditional card. Try www.Moo.com for an entire website of great ideas. Creativity has almost zero cost – and creativity can get you business.

Marketing Tip #2 – Be a List Warrior Do you have the tools to contact your customers? Email, cell phone numbers, even home addresses? Take every business card you have, every list you have, every list you can get your hands on (more about this later) and put it in a mailing list electronic file like Excel so you can sort and add notes. The bigger your list, the better your shot at repeat and new business.

We call this the VIP list and it can never be too big as far as we are concerned. We give our clients a time-tested list template to assure every bit of important information is captured and what you have sent them.

A list of 5000 names is not unusual for an average size company. Make it a personal goal to reach 10,000 names or more!

Marketing Tip #3 – Kind of Like Kumbaya Time to light the campfire and send your message! How many people did you pay this week, this month? Every one of those people has a stake in your success. All of us need to support one another so next time you pay someone, consider this conversation…. Here’s my card, please keep it and next time one of your customers says he needs _____________ I’d appreciate your recommendation. May I have your card so I can do the same?

Think about every name in your QuickBooks or accounting software or the person who cuts your hair, the guy at Starbucks, the UPS and FedEx delivery people or your insurance agent. Each of them touch business people all day long and can serve as ambassadors to help you build business too. We all win when we help one another.

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