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It’s news. It’s a sales tool. It’s content for your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – It’s

The most undervalued and most important tool in your marketing arsenal is the press release. This one or two page piece is the center of the marketing world. This is where the facts, the news and the relevance come together and are approved by management.

Now that you have this document in your hands – it’s time to fly!

press release

– It is a tool your sales team can use to give customers the inside story – Put it up on your website under “News” and stimulate SEO – It is your latest blog – Link the blog to LinkedIn – Choose a visual, and the headline and make it a Facebook entry with a link to your website – Pin the visual to Pintrest – The first paragraph, if written in AP style, should be a perfect Tweet – Consider having a quick video made of the topic and you are now up on YouTube

And absolutely send it to the media.

If you also put it out on a wire service like BusinessWire you will land on hundreds of news sites internationally too and further impact your campaign’s credibility. And BusinessWire also assures it will be picked up on the all important mobile devices.

A press release is at the heart of marketing – maximize it and realize that it is your best tool.

No matter where else you might begin a marketing campaign you are going to need the facts, the story, the visuals, quotes from leadership and approvals of the message you are using – in other words a well-crafted press release.

Never underestimate the importance of the writer of the release and their ability to wordsmith, spell, use proper grammar and pay attention to detail. After all where you start makes all the difference in where you go.

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