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It’s 2015 … Now Hear This …

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Now hear this … newspapers will be watching us; some already are. Some of the most powerful print newspapers with online editions are right now charging advertisers based on the time readers actually spend reading their ad!

Finally, an answer to the age-old question: Did anyone see my ad?

That means the old standby measurement of “impressions” will soon be history. Just because a zillion people look at a website everyday or read a newspaper, that does not mean even one person cared about an ad!

Why would anyone create an ad and buy space if no one saw that ad, much less if that ad impacted sales?

Why would a publisher want to measure time spent vs potential number of eyeballs?

Money and reputation. (Hello marketing people – this is why we exist!)

“It’s a crisis in confidence”, one report said – Bottom line: just because the entire newspaper has been delivered either via print or electronically to a certain number of readers – the question remains, did consumers see the ad? Did they spend any time reading or interacting with the ad? With the cost of advertising rapidly rising, these questions from advertisers are starting to be heard.

Appropriately, this trend started with the biggest financial mediums; the Financial Times and The Economist. Look for it soon in every newspaper, every magazine, every eblast, essentially every online medium. Even off- line mediums will be steering readers to head to their nearest internet device and click in.

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This is a huge trend – one that will forever change the marketing and advertising world as we know it. No exaggeration here. This will be a huge boon to people who communicate and know their audiences. In other words – you!

It’s being called “performance marketing” – and it will be your future.
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This trend is a logical result of the merger of the availability of big data, the growing importance of brand management, the epic change in the delivery of messages and the always-important need to sell, sell, sell.

So let’s review this for a minute. If advertising will be measuring data like time spent reading an ad, then they will have to give readers a reason to spend time on the ad right?

Look for these changes: – Advertisers will need pros who can communicate, understand two-way conversations and know how to compel a reader to action of some sort – Advertising will become far more interactive – There will have to be something valuable at the other end of the interaction – Teams will have to be on the other end responding to consumers – Events might be the “why” you click through – Samples or opinion surveys might be the “why” you click through – Special VIP treatment will be a reason “why” anyone would click through – You can think of dozens more ways – start writing them down because this is the future and the bright ideas and instincts of publicists and marketers is about to be even more valuable.

Prediction: The reward for this change will go to publishers who tie quality content to paid advertising and to advertisers who will finally be able to say they know consumers spent time viewing/interacting with their ads (or not).

The most important piece in all this will be the team that knows its customer, understands what consumers are looking for and brings it all together in a one dimensional image on a computer/laptop/tablet/cell phone or TV screen.

Yes indeed – tomorrow is going to look a whole lot different than today and once again PR and marketing minds will be pivotal to the success.

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