• Laura Bennett

Is it New or is it Just A Great Idea Coming Back?

Lately I find myself saying “we did that 25 years ago”!

I’m happy to report that the topics that make me say that are the things I always felt good about as a marketer; Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR as it is known.

Community relations, special events for a cause, public service, giving back…. are all now part of what we do as an agency, and as individuals, and what we will be doing much more of in 2009.

Years ago, a vast amount of our time as marketers was spent on establishing a client’s brand through “good deeds”. Remember how frequently you saw public service announcements to tell you to buckle up, turn off the lights, not be a liter bug or asking “do you know where your children are?”.

We all want to spend our money with a company that cares. Wikipedia gives a great definition of how this CSR – is also being measured through systems called Social Accounting.

” Taking responsibility for its impact on society means in the first instance that a company accounts for its actions. Social accounting, a concept describing the communication of social and environmental effects of a company’s economic actions to particular interest groups within society and to society at large, is thus an important element of CSR.”

What is old is new again, “doing good” is now known as CSR and there is even a way to measure it! Maybe this old idea is just getting a whole lot better.

Go forth, do good things yourself and shop at retailers who give back.

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