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Important Things They Don’t Teach You in Marketing Classes

For all my friends who ask me if their child should major in marketing, or those who are investigating second careers and think my career looks like fun … here is What I Wish I Knew in College About Marketing:

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– Being accountable counts. But isn’t easy. I wish they had taught us at least one exceptional answer to this question: “How do you know this idea will work?”

– This is a major for “learning junkies” – if you always want to know more, this might be for you! You might be surprised how often someone asks you “why didn’t you know that?” On a great day someone will say “how did you know that?”.

– Marketing translates to almost every profession and it might make you crazy when it seems no one around you seems to know the most basic things about communications or customer relationships. That doctor that keeps you waiting every single time with only out of date magazines in the waiting room? The advertising you see that doesn’t include contact information? The places you frequent that have never asked your name!” The businesses you deal with and how many times you will think to yourself “why haven’t they tried this?” Aaargh – seems like it is so obvious doesn’t it?

– Spelling is a big deal. I had no idea in college that spelling would be part of every web address I type or every Google search I make. Having gone to Catholic schools luckily this was part of my training from day one, but I am now more grateful than ever.

– Who you know is everything. Pick a great school, get to know as many people as you can, join anything that interests you and keep an open mind to all cultures, new ideas, history and opinions – they will all come back to you sometime during your marketing career!

– Your expertise will be in demand – from writing the resume of a friend’s friend, to that nonprofit that would really love for you to volunteer – what you know as a marketer is what makes the world (and money) go around.

– It really is all about the money. If you wonder how something came to be… trace it back to where profit was made or will be made – and bingo you will have your answer.

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