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If They See It – They Believe It! You Tube Shows Marketers Why

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Why? Well according to a new study, which tracked 15 million transactions in the first quarter of 2014, YouTube works because it is visual, offers details and is helpful.

Helpful? That’s it! It’s like a friend not only telling you the features of a new product, but why they love it.

Remember when J.D. Power announced that research often came down to one question? And that question was: “Would you recommend this product to a friend?”

Well there we are, a YouTube video is like a recommendation to a friend telling you not only the details of the product but the ”why” !

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You might be wondering what else can sway a consumer to move from browser to buyer? The study said Facebook was second and Google+ is third.

Be sure to add video, testimonials and a helpful tone to your marketing campaign elements, and yes, up your budget for YouTube too!

Ready to get started? https//www.youtube.com/user/HowToBasic.com

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