• Laura Bennett

Icebergs as Inspiration


It struck me, that this iceberg, as far as it had traveled and as beautiful as it was in the midst of a foggy day was a symbol of how just one thing can make a huge difference. The townspeople were all out in their jackets and boots, along with the tourists who had driven hours north to see what had been rumored as one of the largest icebergs ever seen in the harbor. It was worth the drive I can tell you!

The thoughts of a recession, falling stock prices and a dim future outlook all receded as we looked at this spectacular chunk of nature. In a grey world, one sparkle or one spark can change the attitudes of a group of people in an instant.

They say that icebergs include very large masses below the water level – thus what we saw was literally the tip of an iceberg.

Could it be that if there are glimmers of good news emerging around the world about economies and positive trends that we all may be looking at the tip of the iceberg of our own? One where what we see through the grey mist is beautiful and though we cannot see the whole, we surely know it is there and worth the trip.

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