• Laura Bennett

How to have a ball – and a successful event too!

How many events have you been to where you plan to go, add it to your schedule, show up and then wonder “now what”?


Too many I bet. Let’s make sure that as an event planner you are never the one putting on an event where attendees ask “now what”?

The keys to hosting your own great event, and having a ball, are really pretty simple – all you have to do is think like an attendee!

Which leads us to …

How To Have A Ball – Tip #1 – have a clear purpose for the event. Stake your mission in the ground, claim the outcome you want and then plan everything else about how your potential attendee or customer will feel and react to your mission. It all flows from there, really.

How To Have A Ball – Tip #2be the communicator you are! Amazing how often I see ads, flyers or invitations that tell me about a great event but there is no address, or start time, or suggestion for what the dress will be or where to park.

IF you are walking in the shoes of the attendee you will know all these questions run through their mind, so make sure you communicate the answers before they start to wonder if they really want to come to your event!

How To Have A Ball – Tip #3 – Get the picture! Set up lots of staging areas with your company name and event so people can post it, tweet about it, pin it, link it and send it — all actions you want to encourage not only to spread the word of your event, but to build excitement for next year too!

girl in pit of balls

Are You Having A Ball? Tip #4 – if you have planned this special event from the perspective of your guests, communicate everything they might want to know and set up things to do that are so fun they will tell their friends – then you are on the way to having a fun night. Be sure you have fun too – it sets the tone when the event planners are having a ball!

The more special events you do, the better you get at it.

Start a checklist and keep it up – add to it, write notes and keep it close. Events will always have the same needs; how to get people to come, what you want them to experience, how to stay on budget and all the tips that will make sure you and your guests have a ball.
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