• Laura Bennett

How is Tom Cruise like Carnival Cruise Lines?

Recently a major talent agency in Beverly Hills opened a Brand Studio. Their logic is that building a celebrity brand is not unlike building a corporate brand. If ever there was a glimpse into the future of marketing, this is it. Bravo for this new line of thinking!

So what can a talent agency bring to the table that isn’t already part of the normal marketing makeup? A new perspective on new parts of “the brand”.

The talk surrounding this new approach starts with the relationship with the consumer. I often wonder if some corporations ever think about the consumer … inflexible policies, unclear advertising, systems that work for the company but not at all for the consumer and so much more. Hard to imagine that the consumer perspective is on the agenda at the weekly executive meetings.

The image you project is what connects with the customer and manages if they determine your product or service is worth their money. When we go to a Tom Cruise movie we have an expectation of being entertained by an actor we know quite a bit about. Most of us can recite details of his career and personal life easily. He is likable, attractive and has an edge (we all remember the leap on Oprah’s couch).

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