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Hooray for Celebrations!

Lately the topic I’ve monitored has been weddings and the trend shifts taking place in celebrations and special events; thanks to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Here are some predictions the Times, and others including me, are offering:

Fridays will be a new wedding day choice. And why not? For a very long time I was a publicist for the bridal industry and the rule of thumb used-to-be Fridays were for “repeat or encore” brides and Saturdays for traditional brides. But times have changed and the wedding industry is preparing for many more day of the week choices. Thank you William and Kate (the ultimate traditional wedding couple) for choosing a Friday and for expanding how brides think about day of the week options.

Traditions are back. Horse -drawn carriages, incorporating family crests, custom props, tiaras and even red carpets will find their way back into wedding ceremonies. Lights! You can’t have an evening wedding without lights, so look for professional lighting designers to find a portion of the wedding budget coming their way. Light the ceremony, create a custom gobo, spotlight the cake, mood-light the facility and its entrance – we all know lighting sets the stage and is the basis for breathtaking photography too.

Many voices I heard recently about a new trend naming a “tweet of honor” – where one bridesmaid is asked to tweet every stage of the planning to everyone involved and invited to the wedding.

Wedding websites are standard these days too from posting information to gathering RSVP’s for the pre- wedding parties, gift registry, hotel arrangements and much more. Think http://www.bennettmcintosh022308.com for instance.

A top wedding planner told me recently that not only are many people involved in the planning but it is not unusual for her to have to bill the wedding expenses on 5 or more different credit cards; one from the bride, one from grandparents, one from the groom and more. With payment comes the open door to participate in decision- making too.

Hotels in the act! This year hotels have developed overnight packages which include tea and scone parties, wake up calls before the start of the 5:30 am (EST) wedding and delivery of a proper English breakfast!

The royal wedding notwithstanding, weddings and life’s celebrations are becoming more and more popular – after all if this crazy economy has taught us anything it is that we should all celebrate more! Here’s to you William and Kate!

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