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Have We Come to Our SENSES? Yes we have.

Food and music have always gone together, but new research shows that sales behavior can be impacted by music too. Add that to your marketing tool belt and let’s review the options for you to add music – and other sensory connections – to your marketing and sales tools.


According to Cool News (one of my longtime favorite marketing and PR news sites http://www.coolnews@reveries.com) One major restaurant chain is studying beats per minute to speed up diners in their “fast” food units, and others are seeing what happens to retail buying when the background music changes.

The Oxford University researcher who is studying this says:

“There are studies that show music with higher beats per minute causes people to eat faster, and if you play classical music in a wine store, people will buy more expensive wine,” says Charles Spence of Oxford University. “It’s surprising how many Michelin-starred restaurants don’t even think of music at all.”

Chipotle, the Mexican restaurant chain that has been impressive from its start has even hired an expert to choose music for its units. The mix master says he has to go through more than 500 songs before he finds one that

dancing in the kitchen

Walt Disney World holds a series of food and wine events every year at EPCOT called ‘Party of the Senses” and it not only sells out, but does so at an impressive ticket price. It is a magnificent blend of food and smells, wine and sounds, entertainment and lighting – truly a feast for every sense.

  1. High-end home builders pipe in vanilla because research says this helps some men connect with the home.

  2. Bloomingdale’s fuses the air with different scents in different departments.

  3. And now new cars are adding LED lights to their interiors and in some you can even pick your favorite colors.

Years ago I sent out an invitation to a party for my agency and used chocolate-scented ink; I still get comments on that piece!

The senses are great motivators – ask yourself, what can I add to embed my product or service in the deepest parts of my consumer’s memory … be creative and think beyond just visual.

What do you want your consumer to remember and equally important be motivated to do?

Take a deep breath and the answer just might come your way!

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