• Laura Bennett


Have you seen the new TV campaign by the American Heart Association – focusing on Happy Birthdays? I find that very powerful without one word about illness.

It really does get down to happiness doesn’t it? Whether you are young or old, rich or middle class the ultimate measuring stick is happiness.

New research says happiness might be as simple as choosing to be happy.

So why not poll your consumers or customers and ask them what about your product or service makes them happy …. Think of the possibilities.

Your ad campaign just came to life. Just move right on to creative, your message is clear.

Key words chosen from the happiness respondents could infiltrate your website and social media to be certain you connect those attributes with your product or service.

Your photography might be visuallizing laughter instead of lists of ingredients, or relaxation instead of cost benefits.

Benefit vs cost is the new/old way of thinking about why consumers buy a product or service.

Are you happy with the way things are going for you? Maybe it’s time for a new filter for your company, your consumers and your life.


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