• Laura Bennett

Gratitude and Gratuity – are they linked? Thankfully they can be!

thank you in multiple languages

Do you believe that gratitude has a place in gratuities we give service professionals too? This is also the season for offering our thanks to those who service us – from the doorman to the hair dresser, teachers and postal workers – it all comes together right now.

I’ve asked myself lately if I’d rather receive a crisp $20 bill – or a heartfelt, maybe even well written note, saying how important I am and that my services and attitude are noticed and the recipient is thankful. My choice? The heartfelt words win every time.

So this season as I read all the messages coming from every direction about thanks and gratitude, I am going to be sure I spend time on really demonstrating my gratitude as I also happily offer gratuities to those who make my life a little better. Not to mention those people and organizations who make life better for those in need in our community and around the world.

As a marketer I believe that communicating the emotional side of our businesses is a connection with our customers that has huge value, and is lifelong if it comes from a sincere place.

The Benjamins are nice, but feeling good inside – well as they say that is priceless.

In 2014 I am committed to keeping gratitude for the good people in this world, gratuities for those whose services I count on and excellence in my professional services to my customers; front and center.

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