• Laura Bennett

Good-bye Business Cards. Hello “Get Business” Cards.

Marketing guru Seth Godin calls traditional business cards “the leisure suit” of the marketing world. At our agency, we call them a missed opportunity.

Which means your business card is the source of your first brand impression. Use it! Tell your story. Sell your product. Maximize this touch point with a new contact.

Your card is step one to get prospects and contacts to your web site. Yet many businesses spend loads of time and money on the web site and little of either into the business card.

The goal is to leave an impression and guide a contact to your web site. Good enough, but let’s make a sale and tell your story while we’ve got their attention! We have dubbed the cards we create for our clients “Get Business” cards.

Traditional — Today One-sided — Two sides or more Little color — Lots of color Rolodex files — Card Scanners Addresses — Email Office Phone — Cell Phone No sales message —“Elevator” Message

Here’s what has changed since “calling cards” came into vogue – everything. The business card is the last bastion of the stationery package of yesterday. Email has done a great job of replacing letterhead, envelopes and phone calls.

Today email addresses are the top priority, as is your direct line and/or cell number. And with the use of two sides of a card you can now say what you and your company do! Hey now there’s a concept.

Cost difference? It is actually cheaper to print two-sided, four color cards, even in an enlarged size than it used to cost to do one side, two color traditional business cards. Thank you printers who have maximized what lasers can do.

That old philosophy that you must stick to one card look is just plain wrong. Stick to the brand standards of color and font, but feel free to tell your story.

Here’s an idea if you are a creative organization – do an annual contest to create a new Get Business card design and then date the card. You may even have customers who collect your card each year and you’ll definitely have cards that are emblematic of your capabilities! Can you say you are creative if your cards are traditional?

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