• Laura Bennett

Go Where The Money Is .. And 70% of It Is In One Place

Marketers exist to build reputations and brands, support initiatives and impact the bottom line. Thankfully all bottom lines are not solely about money – but even non-profits have to have operating capital and marketing is often what makes the difference.

So because I know you have a limited budget, and an equally limited amount of time to market … let me tell you that you will never-ever go wrong if you go where the money is.

You may be asking – Is there one large group that I could really focus on that would make a big difference in the bottom line of my organization?The answer is “Yes” – the money is in the wallets of people over the age of 50. Simple, verified and waiting for you.

You will read many articles about how Boomers are being misrepresented – and from where I sit that is true and has been for a very long time.

So let’s skip all that negativity and move right to you the marketer being smart and successful by being positive and going after this audience with a passion that will make you the one who understands the most basic and important question in all of marketing – who is buying?

Let’s start with some facts:

FACT #1 – People over age 50, right now, buy twice as much online as those younger than age 50.

FACT #2 – People over age 50, buy 5 times as many cars, 41% of all Apple products and other big ticket items than all the people aged 18 to 34 years old.

FACT #3 – People over age 50 control nearly 70% of the disposable income in the USA and will for at least the next decade or more.

So smart marketers, love the Boomer customer, embrace the fact that they are online and eager to try new things and know that when you approach this with a positive outlook you will indeed reap the positive rewards.

If you need more, there is a ton of data out there – but I bet these 3 facts are enough to get you going – so let’s go – Go Where The Money Is.

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