• Laura Bennett

For $100,000 a second, it better score!

Super Bowl Sunday this year is February 1.

The absolute highlight of my career (so far that is) was the Super Bowl campaign we developed in 2000 for Super Bowl XXXIV. It was the year of dot-com Super Bowl commercials and we thought big, maximized every opportunity and scored huge. More than $20 million in PR coverage alone. We used EPCOT at Walt Disney World to do the filming, bought not only a spot in the second quarter of the game, but a series of 4 spots just before the kick-off.

The spots were unique, edgy, meant for a male audience and … about brides. We integrated every possible marketing element to introduce Our Beginning, an online wedding invitation company, and tied it back into the client’s Web site too We had over a million hits, the client achieved every single goal and more. For me, and all of us involved with the making of this small piece of TV history, it was just WOW.

In the next few weeks we’ll be hearing quite a bit about Super Bowl XLIII; and you will note a new theme. These commercials have to hit hard, impact the bottom line and score big for their companies. Rates are running $3 million for one thirty second spot.

Watch for new product introductions, financial services, and G.E. as a first time advertiser. There will be links to Web sites, Facebook, YouTube and even Twitter.

For those of you who will be glued to their TV’s on game day, let me know if you think this year’s commercials scored or not.

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