• Laura Bennett

Even As Babies – The Mobile Over Our Cribs Captured Our Attention

Remember your room as a child? Was there a mobile over your crib or a wall graphic to capture your attention?

mobile over crib 2

It has always been true that interesting visuals have caught our eye and held our interest.

Therefore, the latest findings on what will capture the attention of reporters, broadcasters, bloggers etc. will be no surprise, but a wonderful reminder of what makes your organization’s news capture the attention of journalists and your target audiences too.

If you are a public relations or marketing professional, you have been asking yourself this same question since the beginning of your career “what do reporters want?”

We might better phrase the question, “what do reporters need?” – they need content to attract their readers and viewers, as much as we use them to capture the eye of the reporter.

This graphic from BusinessWire gives us answers in the appropriate visual format.

After all who is not drawn to what is visual?  Just like the crib mobiles, today’s visual mediums are the next step to capturing our adult attention with photographs, jokes, funny videos, serious sayings and the rest, posted on various media sites.

The message here is simple – sell your message with visuals.

Just make a promise to yourself that you from this day forward never-ever put out news without a visual element, or two or three.

Use this BusinessWire research and see how it can bring your news new life!

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