• Laura Bennett

Easy Marketing Tip #10 – and one more!

Marketing Tip #10 – Be a Walking Billboard Do you wear a logo shirt? Name tag? Is your email in your car’s back windshield or on a front license plate? Where can you promote your company, every day in every way? Doing this can make all the other efforts you do come together.

Marketing Tip #11 – Email is free are you using it to your advantage? There are multiple ways to use email as a sales tool. This is definitely where your VIP list comes in as critically important. The first is direct 1:1 communication between you and an individual. The second is between you and a group of people and the third is all of the above with extras. You can add graphics, an attachment, photography or even a video depending on what tools you have currently available.

Just be sure you are communicating, every day in every way to any one who might lead you to new business.

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