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Demotivation? This ‘new’ word has a lot to say about marketing

OK Marketers — our job really is to motivate isn’t it? Motivate to consider or try or buy – without motivation, our companies could be in big trouble. Thus my head-snap when I recently read a piece about consumers becoming ‘demotivated’.

motivations illustration

Let’s take a closer look at why a consumer can become demotivated and that should give us clues on how to reverse the trend back to motivation.

Demotivation does NOT come from lack of interest; nothing has changed in that department. Consumers still love new clothes, sporting events, and so many other things we spend our money on. Demotivation DOES come from a lack of reasons. Start by asking yourself “why should a consumer buy our product or service”?
sports fans watching TV

Consider this: Why go to a movie when you can rent one? The movie is the same, quality about the same but a big ticket price cannot win over convenience and comfort. Thus the value proposition is to stay home to watch a movie. No commercials, no rude audiences, even the popcorn you can get from Orville Redenbacher (or your new Williams-Sonoma popping machine you bought online) is superior.

Consider this too: Sporting venues and promoters have not kept up with what fans want. Small seats, long lines at the bathrooms and concessions, inconvenient parking are all reasons to NOT go to a sporting venue. Big screen TV’s at home or sports bars beat the venue experience in most cases. Oh did I mention ticket prices? You can buy a new big screen TV for the cost of a couple of tickets and an afternoon at the game! And there is near panic these days on the college level and some team owners that they are losing ticket sales, logo item sales, concessions, parking and more revenue… why? Demotivation at work here too.

So what cool ideas are others using to MOTIVATE the consumer to get up and have a live experience!

ski valet
  1. – Ski Valets to assure lugging all that equipment doesn’t mar your downhill

  2. – Sports cars for use at upscale hotels

  3. – Vending machines with intuitive touch screens, face recognition and custom wraps to match interior décor

  4. – Bank lobbies open after “business hours”

  5. – Brand advocates who learn a customer’s wants, needs and styles

Doctors who know your name – just hopeful on the last one, but you get the idea. It’s all about not only understanding the consumer, but truly knowing what they value. If you can add being able to know when the customer wants your product or service or new idea – well then we all win. Win big too.

So how do you motivate and stop the demotivation? Well it really is frighteningly simple: you ask.

Be ready to listen because the consumer is happy to tell you.

You too need to be motivated; motivated to change, be flexible and hear what the consumer is asking you for. So get motivated and put all that technology to work. Use email, social media sites, events, survey intercepts and even the US Post Office and start the conversation!

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