• Laura Bennett

Defining Marketing – not so easy

It’s a great time to be in business – calls are coming in, clients are happy and being a publicist is once again in demand. The problem is where to find great new members of our team? Over the years I have heard others say that building a team is far more difficult than building client business. Right now it’s not really about finding smart people; it’s about the job description! Just what is marketing in today’s environment? An advertising agency friend of mine and I have a lively debate about “the middle ground” of marketing. Is social media best left to advertising pros or PR experts? Who really is in charge of the message these days? Many will quickly say that social media belongs to the younger generation, but those of us over 40 know that representing a brand is a tricky place to be and often not a good place for someone beginning their career. I just read a great book, Groundswell, and they tell a story of a 70 year old professional who is managing the social networking for a top car manufacturer. Now that is interesting! Is marketing then “everything” and it is not only vital to business but will truly take a team to manage? I hope so, putting smart people together for a well considered outcome will always be the way to go. Now back to that job description!

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